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Haikal, Andy and Marcus … Standard First Aid… 14 March 2024 Fun and interactive lesson. Trainers were engaging and encouraging.

Standard first aid training Alan/Farizal They explained very clear. The session was not very long also.

Attended on 19 March for ESFA with instructor Shafiq who made it easy to understand and follow through.

Shafiq, ESFA, 19/3/24 – Trainer Shafiq was very efficient and knowledgeable in guiding us. Great job! Thank you for the fun session.


Everything is a need to know and everyone should take the classes here because the trainers, Junardy, Jeremy, Ariff and Alan are very motivating teachers. With good training skills and great knowledge.

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Jean Thia

Appreciate teacher Jeremy for his teaching. He made this learning easy and simple to understand. Attending his session make me interested to continue learning about first aid. Thank you very much!

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Buvanesh Boo

We had our first aid training in our school(PRPS). Marcus and Jeremy were our trainers. We enjoyed the training session. Though they had a lot of topics to cover they did it with so much enthusiasm that we didn’t feel tired at all! Thank you Marcus and Jeremy for making this training session an enjoyable one! Kudos to the team.

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Qasdina Ja'afar

Trainer Syaqirin is super easygoing, helpful and humorous. His session was really enjoyable! 100% recommend SFATC

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Jerel Napigue

Thank you Mr. Manaf and the other two instructors. I have learned a lot from this course that I can apply for adults and infant. They give you practical assessment where you will apply what you have learnt. I did enjoy the practical because you learn faster while doing it. Awesome team. Good job!

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Chantelle Tayena

Haikal was great! Specific, clear, lots of immediate feedback during practice and encouragement too. The session passed by so quickly and I retained more info than I did in my previous first aid experiences. Thank you!

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Nurul Atiqah Roslan

Very nice experience with a very sporting and experience trainer Mr Farizal ,Mr Han Sheng ,Ms Maisya and Ms Shrimathy ! Never felt sleepy at all during the whole course

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